H.O.P.E. is about hope….for starving orphans and other impoverished children and women living in abject poverty in the shanty towns of South Africa.

H.O.P.E.—Helping Orphans by Providing Empowerment—is an organization that has been created to link organizations in need of fundraising in North America to an economic upliftment project in Africa. H.O.P.E. hires and trains impoverished women with no job skills and no hope of finding work to earn a living making beaded jewelry which can then be sold in North America, raising funds along the way for the organizations involved, and ultimately using the profits to support orphans and other impoverished children who currently are slowly starving in an area where most of the population is living in abject poverty..

The model for H.O.P.E. is based on the idea that if you give someone a fish, they eat for a day. If you teach them to fish, they eat for life. Instead of the charity model in which there is just a never-ending need for ongoing donations to help others, in this economic upliftment model, women who have had no way to earn a living are being given a chance to do so, and are now able to support themselves and their children. And in turn, in the true microeconomics upliftment model, the income they then spend in the community helps to lift others out of poverty.

After the women are paid their fair wages, all the profits made from the jewelry sales go to support Ekukhanyeni, the Home of Light and Hope, a project that currently gives lifesaving help to 600 orphans and other impoverished children in South Africa, and hopes to expand greatly as the H.O.P.E. project grows.

Many organizations do their fundraising today through catalog sales or selling those chocolate bars seen in most high schools and colleges. We are offering a way to do the fundraising you may need for your organization in a way that quite literally feeds starving children and gives people a way to lift themselves out of abject poverty.

The sale of H.O.P.E. jewelry can be added to any other fundraising program your organization is already committed to doing, and at any time during the year. This program is fundamentally about saving the lives of impoverished children and women right now, while ultimately contributing to ending poverty in the world. Being able to do this invaluable service in a way that also adds to your annual fundraising is a bonus.

We hope that you will look at the information here and choose to purchase jewelry through H.O.P.E. to use for fundraising. With every purchase, you can know that you are quite literally reaching across the oceans to put food in the mouths of starving children, and helping to change the future for impoverished women and the community in which they live. Please join us in giving hope to those in such desperate need.

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