Selling the H.O.P.E. jewelry is a simple way for schools or sororities or fraternities or sports teams or bands or church groups or clubs or nonprofits or any other group in need of fundraising to help raise needed money while greatly helping these precious children and impoverished women who cannot help themselves. Many of us who work with or try to support U.S. schools or nonprofit organizations or other groups would like to help in the fight against world poverty but are faced with the need to do fundraising for our own schools and local organizations, as well. H.O.P.E. is the perfect way to do both. Philanthropic companies can also purchase jewelry as part of their charitable contribution budget.

For schools, choosing to use H.O.P.E. to raise funds is a way to get away from the standard choices like chocolate bars and cookie dough and pizzas that many schools have long been using, a practice that many states are now discouraging because of the obesity epidemic in American children. H.O.P.E. qualifies as an “alternative” fundraising option in states that are asking schools to consider this. And as discussed below, when they learn about the orphans in Africa, U.S. students become very enthusiastic about wanting to help. And that increases the funds raised!

Even in the recent times of economic difficulties, there have been very successful fundraising projects using H.O.P.E. jewelry. It helps that the bracelets are unique, and that the costs have been kept low. We have heard enthusiastic feedback from participants who tell us that they are so happy to have something completely different to sell rather than offering people yet another catalog sale or bake sale, and so inspired that with these sales, they are literally saving lives.

Even if your organization has never before sold products to raise money, we can suggest simple ways to work with H.O.P.E. Perhaps the easiest approach is to send out to your email list or include in your newsletter an announcement that you are participating in the H.O.P.E. project. Ask supporters to pre-order items from a list you send them, with a “deadline” date for placing orders. H.O.P.E. can provide sample emails with photos to help create your request. Then place your order and distribute the items in the way that works best for your organization. The ordered items can be delivered at a planned event or picked up at a central location or, for those who prefer it, mailed to anyone who has placed an order with payment of a small additional fee. The H.O.P.E. jewelry can, of course, also be sold at any event your organization has.

To open the eyes and hearts of possible H.O.P.E. jewelry purchasers, ask them to think about all those upcoming occasions when a gift will be called for. In any given year most of us will need to find high school and college graduation gifts, birthday gifts for our family members and friends (and our children’s), Valentine’s gifts, Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers, Kwanzaa gifts, anniversary gifts, Hanukkah presents, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts, and gifts on all the other occasions when a little something is needed to honor the day. What better way to do that than by giving the gift of handmade jewelry, accompanied by the card that explains that its purchase saved lives. And no more rushing to the mall at the last minute! By thinking ahead and purchasing in advance, we can all be ready for these gift occasions.

H.O.P.E. can send you files from which you can print flyers, brochures, and posters to promote jewelry sales. We have PowerPoint presentations that can be given to groups. We have letters that can be sent home to parents to tell them about the project. We have all the support materials that are needed to help make any fundraising project a success.

It’s so easy to create an attention-getting program for your group or company while you greatly help so many women and children who are suffering terribly in South Africa. Here are a few examples of the types of fundraising programs that can use H.O.P.E. jewelry:

Schools have very successfully used H.O.P.E. to raise significant funds. Whether at the elementary school, middle school, or high school level, students are inspired to help other children when they learn about the orphans in Africa. H.O.P.E. can do a presentation to students at an assembly, while also providing teaching materials that school teachers can use, the combination of which can educate students about South Africa, and the children and communities which Ekukhanyeni is working to help. The teaching materials can be used to inform students about the issues related to world poverty and the economic upliftment model that is an effective tool for change. We have found that when U.S. children learn about the African children’s situation, they become very excited about trying to help by selling the bracelets. And that significantly increases total sales, with the school ultimately benefiting. Even in the recent times of economic difficulty, schools have raised quite substantial funds through sales, almost entirely because of the school children’s enthusiasm.

Charities and Other Non-Profits:

Charitable organizations have an endless need to promote awareness about themselves and to raise money to continue their work. What better way to raise funds for your charity than by selling the H.O.P.E. jewelry. This is truly an example of helping yourself by helping others. The large Texas charity MannaRelief, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides nutrient supplements to orphans all around the world, including the orphans of Ekukhanyeni, has purchased a large amount of bracelets imprinted with their motto which it uses to promote their charity in a way that helps to save the lives of the women and children of H.O.P.E.

Team Booster and Cheerleader Sales:

Raise money for new uniforms, equipment, improvements to your facility, and travel expenses by selling the H.O.P.E. handmade jewelry. If you want to customize something, for a fee you can pick the colors to match your team or add a logo. Or you can simply choose the bracelets which you see here on the Jewelry Gallery page. The majority of school sports teams, especially at the high school level, are underfunded. In the recent economic downturn, more and more schools are cutting back the budgets for school teams and for cheerleaders. Some schools, both at the public school and university level, have even eliminated their cheerleading squads and some of their sports teams in order to save money. Working with H.O.P.E., team coaches and supporters can raise needed money while also teaching their student athletes about poverty in the world and the economic upliftment approach for ending it. Team members and cheerleaders can sell the jewelry to their schoolmates and to friends and family. Team coaches can arrange for sales at games and other events.

Sororities and Fraternities:
Selling beaded jewelry is a great way to raise money for your chapter while at the same time fulfilling your chapter’s service requirements. The money raised with your chapter’s jewelry sales can go toward chapter functions and events, while the H.O.P.E. profits go directly back to South Africa, helping so many little children and their communities. What better way to fulfill your requirement to do work of service each year than by reaching across the ocean to save lives.

School Bands:
Raise money for new band uniforms, instruments and travel expenses by selling the H.O.P.E. handmade jewelry. For a small customization fee, you can pick your school’s colors or simply sell the standard designs you see on our Jewelry Gallery page. Band members and supporters can sell them throughout their school and at band events and the athletic events where they appear.

Philanthropic Companies:
Countless companies have a charitable contribution budget that goes unused every year because they haven’t identified a cause. Buying these beaded bracelets and necklaces and key rings for staff or clients is a great way to make a difference while demonstrating your company’s commitment to the world.

Church Groups:
Churches can expand their charitable work in ways that greatly improve the lives of impoverished women and children while also raising funds for their own programs and other needs. Whether it’s a singles group that wants to raise money for their activities or the Sunday school supporters who want to improve their facilities or just a church support group that wants the perfect thing to sell at the annual church fair, the handmade jewelry is a wonderful option.

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