There are many different types of jewelry that H.O.P.E. can provide for your fund raising project or for retail sales. When you place an order you will be giving employment to women with no other options, helping to save the women and their families, while also providing help for the starving orphans and other impoverished children supported by Ekukhanyeni, the orphans project which H.O.P.E. funds. In the truest sense, you will be putting food into the mouths of these hungry children.

The bracelets currently being made are simple African beaded bracelets, made from wooden and Tibetan silver or copper beads and other natural materials. We are keeping the costs low so that groups can buy the items and then re-sell them at a price that will make sales easy. And note that all of our jewelry is made from beads which have been laboratory-tested and shown to be both lead-free and nickel-free.

Bracelets #1 through #7 which are shown immediately below here are those which are available now for any organization or group to sell for a fund raising program. Other designs that include not only bracelets but also necklaces and key chains are also available through custom orders. For more information on that, see below.


Bracelet #1, Sea Dreams, is made with a tropical mixture of blue, green, and purple wooden beads in round and tube shapes. It has one Tibetan silver bead imprinted with the word HOPE. It is available in the standard women's size of 7 inches.



Bracelet #2, Carnival Fantasy, is made with a bright multicolored mixture that includes yellow, blue, green, and red wooden beads in round and tube shapes. It has one Tibetan copper bead imprinted with the word HOPE. It is available only in a teen or older child size of six inches.


    Bracelets #3 and #4, Heart of Africa, have a traditional African mixture of ethnic wooden beads, including dark coffee-colored and lighter brown beads in honeycomb and round shapes. It also has two different types of round patterned beads, one a mixture of cream and brown patterns, and the other a medium brown bead patterned with darker brown striping. These bracelets have one Tibetan copper bead imprinted with the word HOPE. Bracelet #3 is the standard women's size of 7 inches. Bracelet #4 is the standard men's size of 9 inches.


Bracelet #5, Festival in Red, is made with a beautiful shiny red patterned bead in a rice shape, small brown button beads, and lovely brown round wooden beads patterned with darker brown striping.



Bracelet #6, the Tuxedo, is an elegant mixture of long creamy white rice beads, shaped Tibetan silver beads, small white doughnut beads, and very small black round beads. It has one Tibetan silver bead imprinted with the word HOPE.


Bracelet #7, Rainbow Fun, is made with small beads in a mixture of colors. Each bracelet has a blue barrel bead imprinted with the word HOPE. These bracelets are made with waxed cotton threading in a design that allows them to be adjusted down to a teen size of 6 inches or all the way up to a small men's size of 8 inches. We usually have a number of different color combinations available, including the ones you see here which use different mixtures of aqua, coffee, purple, apple green, and red beads.


In addition to these standard bracelets, we can do custom orders upon request. If you prefer traditional African jewelry, you can request a specific design for bracelets, necklaces, or key rings, or just allow our beaders to make designs of their own choosing, using the colors and symbols traditional to their native cultures, while using the materials you specify. You can also integrate into these traditional designs a symbol or charm of your choosing.

Bracelets can be customized in many ways, using school colors, or adding a bead or charm with a logo or symbol or name or mascot. Possibilities include Greek letters and beads shaped like a soccer ball, football, basketball, fish, heart, or other shape. We can also do custom orders for necklaces, either in a simple choker design or with pendants.

Also available through custom order are our key rings, a popular unisex item for fund raising sales. Key rings can be made in a variety of designs, using traditional African beading or school colors.

Beaded items are also available in sets, perhaps a bracelet with a key ring, or a bracelet with a matching necklace, or all three.

Since many of these beads are hand made, a particular bead is not always available but we can usually make a design similar to the examples you see here. There are many additional designs that can be produced, based on your specifications.

As examples of what can be customized, the wooden bead bracelets you see below can be made with a center bead that is imprinted with a design of your choice. The cost will depend on what you request, but in general, there will just be an additional flat fee for the custom printing of the center bead.

For school organizations which wish to request a school slogan or symbol, it will be necessary for the organization to receive permission from the school or university, or obtain any necessary license that H.O.P.E. will need to do this.

The bracelets seen below here were made with wooden beads using either traditional African bead designs or school colors



The bracelets seen below here were made with a mixture of porcelain, wooden, coco shell, glass, and/or Tibetan silver beads.


Key chains can be made in designs ranging from a simple, single-strand design made with wooden beads to much more complex multi-strand designs using a mixture of porcelain, wooden, glass, and Tibetan silver or copper beads.



Necklaces similar to the ones seen below can be made with either a large center pendant or in a design that uses a variety of wooden, porcelain, glass and/or Tibetan copper or silver beads. They can be made in either a longer design or in a choker style. Many of the designs are unisex, suitable for either men or women.

Here you have seen only a few examples of jewelry H.O.P.E. has made. There are many possible necklaces, bracelets, and key rings, including those designed for men, for women, and as unisex choices.

If you would like a quote on a specific design, please contact us by phone at our U.S. office: 1-303-569-0184 or by email:

Selling the H.O.P.E. jewelry is a simple way for schools or sororities or fraternities or sports teams or bands or church groups or clubs or nonprofits or any other group in need of fund raising to help their organizations while greatly helping these precious children and impoverished women who cannot help themselves.

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